Behavioral Health Care

What is Behavioral Healthcare?

Behavioral Healthcare (BH) is one of the most important parts of your overall health. BH focuses on your behavioral patterns and emotional functioning, and our comprehensive approach to care looks at how your mental health factors into your overall health and wellness.


Fairfield Community Health Center’s BH team is made up of highly respected Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Behavioral Health Navigators who are committed to helping you meet your potential and manage any behavioral health concerns.

So… What’s the first Behavioral Health appointment like? 

Behavioral Health Services at FCHC begin with you meeting with one of our BH Navigators. During this meeting your Navigator will discuss the services we offer and help you find the best treatment options available to you. Typically, our Psychologists will meet with you for one session to help clarify your individual behavioral health needs. This may include having you participate in different types of psychological testing. Once your needs are clearly identified, we can help you plot a course to improving your behavioral health. 

What happens during the appointments that follow? 

You may meet with one of our skilled therapists who will help you develop the skills needed to meet your needs through therapeutic activities and homework assignments. Depending on your personal needs, you may participate in our biofeedback program. Biofeedback is an approach in which your physical responses to various triggers are measured. We use these results to identify and develop skills for managing stress. You may also be seen by our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who can help identify what medications you may need to be most successful in your BH treatment. 

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