Push for PPE

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Our top priority at Fairfield Community Health Center is the safety and health of our patients and staff. The coronavirus pandemic has had a direct and profound impact on the way healthcare is delivered across the globe. While we have adapted and began offering telehealth services to minimize person-to-person contact, some of our patients require in-person visits in order for us to meet their personal health needs. 

In order to protect the safety of our patients and our team, more Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is needed than ever. Ensuring healthcare workers have access to PPE like gloves, N95 masks, and gowns all play an important role in stopping the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses through a community. However, as the pandemic has impacted nearly every corner of the world, the demand for PPE has skyrocketed, causing shortages and price increases that have a direct impact on our ability to keep our community safe.